America is sending spacecraft to the moon

India has successfully completed its lunar mission, and Japan has also recently joined the list of successful lunar missions. This time, America is sending a spacecraft to the moon, which is not their first lunar mission. However, in the last 50 years, no American spacecraft has landed on the moon. America has taken a new initiative to land on the moon, but the American space research agency NASA is not directly involved in this lunar mission. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is sending a lander called Nova-C to the moon as a private initiative. On February 15, the Nova-C lander left for the moon on a SpaceX rocket in a mission named ‘IM-1 Mission’.

During the second stage separation from the SpaceX rocket, the Nova-C lander sent back some pictures of the Earth from space. Musk’s company posted these pictures on their handle. The four images sent by the lander show the Earth in its entirety step by step. The first three images contain fragments of the world, while in the fourth picture, the camera captures the world in its full form.

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Even though NASA is not directly involved in the mission, the American space agency has an agreement with SpaceX in which Nova-C will conduct research and exploration on the lunar surface for NASA under an $11.8 billion contract. If everything goes well, the lander will touch the lunar surface on February 22.

NASA has six payloads on the Nova-C lander that will investigate the lunar climate. NASA plans to send astronauts to the moon by the end of this decade. The Space X mission will also be used to conduct detailed research on the moon’s environment and weather before sending astronauts.

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India’s lunar lander, Vikram, landed near the south pole of the Moon on August 23, and its rover was active on the moon for more than 10 days, conducting various searches. This is the first time a country has landed a spacecraft so close to the Moon’s south pole. India has become the fourth successful country after America, Russia and China in conducting a lunar mission.

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