Aumkar Chanting Produces a Vibratory Sensation : A Part from the Book Chapter : Aumkar Meditation: A Pathway to Blissful Pregnancy

Effect of Aumkar on Parasympathetic Nervous System

Aumkar chanting produces a vibratory sensation in the ears, which spreads through the auricular branch of vagus nerve, stimulating the vagal centers which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and calms down the body. This has been now proved by functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).

Ganagarajan Inbaraj et. al. conducted a prospective study on 19 yoga practitioners and 17 non-yoga practitioners. Both groups were asked to perform 5 mins of chanting after which their heart rate variability (HRV) was checked. The present study showed that a brief chanting of OM (5 min) might enhance parasympathetic nervous system activity, promote relaxation, and provide calmness.

Author(s) Details:

Tushara Nair
College of Physiotherapy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), India.

G.P. Kumar
College of Physiotherapy, Sumandeep Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University), India.

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Recent Global Research Developments in Blissful Pregnancy through Aumkar Meditation

Aumkar Meditation, a practice rooted in mindfulness, has gained attention in the context of pregnancy.

Mindfulness and Pregnancy:

  • There is evidence supporting mindfulness practices during pregnancy to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress. These benefits may extend into the postpartum period [1].
  • Mindfulness practices, including meditation, are actively studied in clinical trials to assess their efficacy in improving health outcomes during pregnancy and postpartum [1].

Aumkar Meditation and Blissful Pregnancy:

  • Aumkar Meditation involves focusing on the sound of “Aum” (or “Om”) and is believed to promote emotional balance and reduce fear.
  • Practicing Aumkar Meditation may help manage hormonal emotional outbursts during pregnancy, reduce pain and fear related to delivery, and potentially improve vaginal delivery rates.


  1. Babbar, S., Oyarzabal, A. J., & Oyarzabal, E. A. (2021). Meditation and mindfulness in pregnancy and postpartum: a review of the evidence. Clinical obstetrics and gynecology, 64(3), 661-682.

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