Contrast Media are Iodine-Based Substances Used for Diagnostic Imaging : A Part from The Book Chapter : Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment of Acute Kidney Injury in ICU

kidney disease

Contrast media are iodine-based substances used for diagnostic imaging. Contrast media can cause direct tubular toxicity and vasoconstriction, leading to AKI. The risk of contrast-induced AKI is higher in patients with pre-existing kidney disease, diabetes, dehydration, or heart failure.

Assess the baseline kidney function and the risk of AKI for each patient admitted to the ICU. Use the KDIGO (Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes) criteria to identify and stage AKI based on serum creatinine and urine output.

Monitor the hemodynamic and fluid status of the patient regularly. Use dynamic parameters, such as stroke volume or pulse pressure variation, to guide fluid resuscitation and avoid fluid overload or depletion.

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Ahmed Muhammad Bashir,
Mogadishu Somalia Turkiye Training and Research Hospital, Mogadishu, Somalia.

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