Gestational Weight Gain : A Part from The Book Chapter : Gestational Weight – Smart-phone Calculator: A Case Study of Pregnant Women in India

Low-Birthweight Babies

The fact that this 10% crossing point (MFCS, neonatal data) corresponding to a given maternal ppBMI category evoluates linearly with the maternal gestational weight gain suggests that there is a biological/nutritional maternal-foetal connection.

Are the international IOM 2009 guidelines for gestational weight gain (GWG), made mainly for Caucasian population, adequate for other populations such as Asian women for example? For Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean scholars, the answer is clearly NO. Especially, as there are relatively few overweight or obese women in these populations, they even argue that the IOM recommendations on contrary are too low for underweight women. With the Reunion formula, the optimal GWG for a 20.0 kg/ m² woman is 18 kg (and not 11.5 to 16 kg as stated by the IOM 2009 recommendations).

Author(s) Details:

Pierre-Yves Robillard,
Service de Néonatologie, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sud Réunion, La Réunion, France and Centre d’Etudes Périnatales Océan Indien (CEPOI), Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sud Réunion, La Réunion, France.

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