Image Enrichment Methods are of Two Kinds that are Spatial Domain and Transform Domain Methods: A Part from The Book Chapter: Study about Performance Analysis of Image Enhancement Techniques for Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Image enrichment methods are of two kinds that are spatial domain and transform domain methods. In spatial domain methods one could work straightly on image pixels. The pixel values are influenced to accomplish preferred enrichment. In frequency domain approaches, initially an image is reassigned into frequency domain, image Fourier transform is obtained first. Enhancement maneuvers are done on the image Fourier transform then inverse Fourier transform is performed to dig up the consequential image. While image augmentation, operations is performed to amend the image contrast, brightness, gray level distribution, etc. As a corollary the resultant image pixel intensities will be tailored according to the conversion function applied to the input image. The effects of translation are mapped into the gray level range as commerce is only with gray level images. For illustration for 8-bit image pixel value scale will be. Diverse fundamental and heuristic techniques are employed to perk up images in some intelligence. Work elucidates few systems that have revealed to be handy both for machine recognition and the human onlooker. These techniques are application specific: a scheme that performs excellent in one scenario might be utterly scarce for else case. In study core image enhancement routines have been conversing. The paper will afford a general idea of causal perceptions, along with methods frequently called for image enrichment.

Author(s) Details:

M. S. Sonawane,
SGBAU, Amravati (M.S.), India.

C. A. Dhawale,
P. R. Pote College of Engineering and Management, Amravati (M.S.), India.

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