In Indonesia, Domestic Tourist Trips since 1991 : A Part from the Book Chapter : Influence of major factors for Tourists Visit in Tourism Destination of Bali, Indonesia

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In Indonesia, domestic tourist trips since 1991 have shown an increasing tendency. Recorded in 1991, there were 72.1 million domestic tourist movements with a total expenditure of around IDR 7.1 trillion. In 1994 were 83.6 million trip movements with a trip frequency of 1.2 times per year, so resulting in a total movement reaching 125.6 million. Calculation of the movement of domestic tourists is based on the number of domestic guests staying in star hotels and nonstar hotel. It can be concluded that the positive trend of domestic tourist trips in Indonesia.

One of the tourist destinations in Indonesia is the island of Bali. Even the world community was the first to acknowledge Bali as a tourism destination, ie since the opening of the Bali Hotel in 1928. From that time the number of tourists increased from the amount of several hundred to thousands of people per year. Among the visitors, some famous people made Bali a place to have a party. These people make photographs of Bali even movies to Bali’s reputation as a beautiful island, unique and exotic known to the world community. Other evidence that Bali is very famous in the eyes of the world is the existence of various international awards that have been received by Bali. One was given by Travel and Leisure magazine based in New York, United States (US), who crowned the tourism island of Bali as the second best in the world for 2015.

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Made Antara
Tourism Doctoral Program and Tourism Master Program, University of Udayana, Bali, Indonesia.

Putu Udayani Wijayanti
Agribusiness Study Program and Agrotourism Courses, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Udayana, Bali, Indonesia.

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