International Conference on Population and Development : A Part from the Book Chapter : Rural Women Empowerment through SHG Federations in Telangana, India: A Path Analysis Approach

Global Commitments

Women Empowerment – Committed Actions

Empowerment of women started receiving committed actions from various governments. It was also perhaps because empowerment of women was identified as a powerful means for the end – gender equality. Social Summit (1993) in Copenhagen and the International Conference on Population and Development (1994) in Cairo witnessed the increasing commitment towards the empowerment of women from various governments.

The clear Action Plan of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing 1995 stands as a landmark for operationalization of the commitment. It is towards seeking “empowerment and advancement of women, including the right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief, thus contributing to the moral, ethical, spiritual and intellectual needs of women and men, individually or in community with others and thereby guaranteeing them the possibility of realizing their full potential in society and shaping their lives in accordance with their own aspirations”.

As a part of the action plan, the Beijing Conference put women’s access to credit on the international agenda. For the majority of women, credit is much more than access to money. It is lifting them from poverty and improving their position in family, community and society.

In order to create access to credit for women various governments launched various models of micro-finance. In India, the SHG – Bank linkage program came out as a successful model of micro-finance.

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Janaki Thenneti
Aurora’s PG College, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.

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