Luxury Fashion on Social Networks : A Part from The Book Chapter : Digital Lens: Exploring Customer Perceptions in the World of E-Commerce and E-Marketplaces


In terms of marketing and communication, due to the current society and the evolution of social media, many of the communication strategies are directed to social networks.

Social media was already an important tool for luxury brands. However, with the advance of time, its presence in social networks became fundamental. The physical store will always be an asset. Unlike the younger age groups, senescence still have some difficulties using online, and many doubts when it comes to paying digitally.

Author(s) Details:

Maria Nascimento Cunha,
Instituto Superior de Educação e Ciências (ISEC Lisboa), Portugal and Scientific Council of CIAC – Centro de Investigação de Artes e Comunicação, Portugal.

Jorge Figueiredo,
Universidade Lusíada de Famalicão, Portugal.

Isabel Oliveira,
Universidade Lusíada do Porto, Portugal.

Maçães, Manuel,
Universidade Lusíada do Porto, Portugal.

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