Microplastics (MPs)

The Main Goal of this Review : A Part from the Book Chapter : Microplastic Exposure to Infants

Scientific studies deal with their presence, distribution, and potential effects on the environment and living organisms. Monitoring and understanding the sources and pathways of MPs are key to developing strategies for their negative impact on the life of organisms on the planet. The main goal of this review is to summarize the possible exposure of…

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Heat treatment

Consumption of Black Pepper : A Part from the Book Chapter : Turmeric: The Ultimate Health Elixir for a Balanced Life

Consumption of Black Pepper (Piperine): Black pepper contains a compound called piperine, which has been shown to significantly enhance the bioavailability of curcumin. Piperine inhibits certain enzymes in the digestive tract that metabolize curcumin, allowing more of it to enter the bloodstream. Fat Soluble Solvents: Curcumin is fat-soluble, so consuming turmeric with a source of…

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NMR spectroscopy

Combining NMR with MS Provides Complementary : A Part from the Book Chapter : Metabolomics and Metabolic Pathway Analysis: Decoding Cellular Biochemistry

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy NMR spectroscopy provides structural information about metabolites based on the chemical environment of nuclei such as 1H, 13C and 31P. NMR can detect metabolites present across a wide concentration range without the need for separation. However, it has lower sensitivity compared to MS. Combining NMR with MS provides complementary information for…

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The Most Recent Review of Pteridophyte Flora : A Part from the Book Chapter : Pteridophyte Flora of Western Ghats- A Review

According to Moran; and PPG, there are 13,600 species of ferns globally, and of this, approximately 1200 species with 70 families and 192 genera are seen in India. In the year 1883, Beddome  published the most authentic work on Indian pteridophytes known as Beddome’s “Handbook of the ferns of British India, Ceylon, and the Malay…

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Social expectations

When in love, the Emotional Experiences : A Part from the Book Chapter : What is the Parents´and Adults´Role in Supporting the Young in their Intimate Relationships?

When in love, the emotional experiences and behavior get their peculiar form. Still, falling in love and the way one shows it is learnt to a great extent and respond to those social and societal expectations leveled at people. All things considered, people preconceive love based on the models, stories, rules, and rituals that are…

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card reader machines

The Card Reader Machines : A Part from the Book Chapter : Geo-coding of Voters Residential Addresses: A Panacea to Election Malpractices in Jos South LGA of

Besides all these Bill Sweeney in his article says, Goodluck Jonathan (the then incumbent President in early 2015) congratulated Muhammadu Buhari after the polls, but there is never a perfect election and the 2015 general election in Nigeria was no exception. The Card reader machines with the permanent voter’s card (PVC) for voter verification could…

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multilingual classrooms

A great Deal of Researchers have been Interested in the Field of Code-Switching : A Part from the Book Chapter : Analysis of Code-switching Used by Bilingual Students in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Case of Christian Bilingual University of Congo

A great deal of researchers have been interested in the field of code-switching. For example, handles the subject matter considering multilingual classrooms by saying that the application of code-switching in classes that do not share the same native language may create problems, and some of the students can somehow be neglected. In addition, suggests that…

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Global Commitments

International Conference on Population and Development : A Part from the Book Chapter : Rural Women Empowerment through SHG Federations in Telangana, India: A Path Analysis Approach

Women Empowerment – Committed Actions Empowerment of women started receiving committed actions from various governments. It was also perhaps because empowerment of women was identified as a powerful means for the end – gender equality. Social Summit (1993) in Copenhagen and the International Conference on Population and Development (1994) in Cairo witnessed the increasing commitment…

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Dual-Career Couples

The Marital Adjustment of Couples in Rural and Urban Societies : A Part from the Book Chapter : Marital Adjustment and its Dimensions among Single-working couples and Dual-working Couples

A study showed that non-working women were greater at marital adjustment than working women. Stress is also one factor that affects marital adjustment as in a study it was found that dual-working couples experienced more pressure, job uncertainty, clashes in family and family job, and work-family tension than single-working couples. Studies also reported that dual-working…

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Travel and Leisure magazine

In Indonesia, Domestic Tourist Trips since 1991 : A Part from the Book Chapter : Influence of major factors for Tourists Visit in Tourism Destination of Bali, Indonesia

In Indonesia, domestic tourist trips since 1991 have shown an increasing tendency. Recorded in 1991, there were 72.1 million domestic tourist movements with a total expenditure of around IDR 7.1 trillion. In 1994 were 83.6 million trip movements with a trip frequency of 1.2 times per year, so resulting in a total movement reaching 125.6…

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