Pesticides Reaching the Soil Might Disturb Native Metabolism or Enzymatic Activities: A Part from The Book Chapter : Effect of Different Application Rates of Pesticides on Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.): A Study on Indian Soils


Pesticides reaching the soil might disturb native metabolism or enzymatic activities. The indiscriminate use of pesticides disturbs the soil environment by affecting flora and fauna including micro flora of soil and also the physiochemical properties of soil like pH, salinity, and alkalinity leading to infertility of soil. The extensive application of pesticides interferes with the normal enzymatic activity of proliferating soil microorganisms and disturbs the delicate balance of the soil residues at the given point of time and disturbs the ecological balance in longer-run. The pesticides that are used frequently and which eventually reach the soil from the crop plants usually accumulate in the top layer of the soil where there is maximum microbial activity. Pesticides are necessary to protect crops and losses that may account for about 45% of total food production worldwide.

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Ramanamma P,
Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Ananatapuramu, India.

Swetha K,
Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Ananatapuramu, India.

Rangaswamy V,
Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Ananatapuramu, India.

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