The Ability to Develop New Ideas and Innovation has Become a Priority for many Organizations : A Part from The Book Chapter : Significance of Technology in Service Innovation: An Overview

technological development

The ability to develop new ideas and innovation has become a priority for many organizations. Intense global competition and technological development have made innovation be a source of competitive advantage. Research on innovation has addressed a number of ways, such as using levels of innovation in individuals, teams /projects or organizations, or by the intensity of innovation .

Some features of innovation vary according to the organization considered, as some organizational characteristics vary depending on the type of innovation considered. These features are called secondary characteristics of innovation. Compatibility is a great example because the same innovation may vary significantly in terms of suitability for different organizations.

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Satish Pandurangji Rewatkar,
Dy Chief Business Development and City Marketing, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, Mumbai, India.

Abdul Kadar Jilani Mansuri,
Commerce Department, G S College of Commerce, Wardha, Maharashtra, India.

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