The Contributions of Training to Employee performance Improvement : A Part from The Book Chapter : Optimizing Healthcare Workforce Performance: Exploring the Impact of Training, Soft Skills and Employee Capacity

Employee perfomance

The foundation for this research draws from studies by Asfaw et al., Cooney et al., and Khan et al., , which highlight the contributions of training to employee performance improvement. Furthermore, this research is supported by theories proposed by Bandura,and Wood & Bandura,on self-efficacy, emphasizing individuals’ self-belief in their ability to succeed in specific tasks. Additionally, insights from Galimullina et al., suggest that effective training approaches should incorporate motivation and relevance aspects to ensure the effective transfer of knowledge and skills into daily practices.

Author(s) Details:

Hasmin Tamsah,
Department of Management, STIE Amkop Makassar, Indonesia.

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