The Need Cannot be Underestimated for Our African Cities : A Part from The Book : From Urbanism to Sustainable Urbanism: A New Urban Agenda for Rapidly Urbanizing Africa

Local solutions

It should also be noted that while there is a general view and desire to copy and replicate what is happening elsewhere and especially from Europe like in the UK and Asia like in China, dealing with urbanization issues on the African continent will need more locally derived solutions than imported solutions.

In general terms, it is presumed in this book that once urbanization is contained, realizing sustainable urbanism may be achieved. At this point, one will expect cities to livable, internally well connected, walkable, clean, environmentally aesthetic and above all safe for everybody. Indeed, efforts in this direction are yet to be crystalized but the need cannot be underestimated for our African cities.

Author(s) Details:

Daniel Wandera Clief Naku,
Department of Geography, St. John’s University of Tanzania, Dodoma, Tanzania.

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