Top 15 Companies in India by Net Profit from Hospital & Healthcare Services (Feb 2024 update)

With both government-run and private facilities offering medical services to the nation’s over 1.3 billion residents, India has a complicated and diverse healthcare system.

The “Ayushman Bharat” scheme, which aims to cover over 500 million people, is one of the many initiatives the government has launched to improve access to healthcare for the country’s rural population.

The healthcare system still faces a lot of difficulties despite recent major advancements, such as insufficient funding, a scarcity of healthcare professionals, and inadequate infrastructure.

In order to ensure that India’s citizens have access to quality healthcare, it is critical that the government and private sector prioritize improving the country’s healthcare system.

81% of physicians, 29% of hospital beds, and 58% of hospitals nationwide are owned by the private sector. The National Family Health Survey-3 indicates that 63% of households in rural areas and 70% of households in urban areas still get their primary healthcare from the private medical sector.

List of Top 15 Hospital & Healthcare Services in India (BSE) based on Net Profit.

Company Name Net Profit (Rs. cr)
Apollo Hospital 1,084.80
Max Healthcare 694.31
Dr Lal PathLab 292.36
Narayana Hruda 265.64
Global Health 263.25
Krishna Inst. 252.49
Rainbow Child 205.89
Aster DM Health 173.29
Metropolis 138.95
Kovai Medical 115.77
Fortis Health 96.24
Indraprastha 86.15
Vijaya Diagnost 83.23
Shalby 80.81
Krsnaa Diagnost 63.51
Source: BSE, India, last updated 16 February, 2024

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